Sharing your blog will round out the ultimate blogging roadmap. Content Writing God is talking about how to grow your audience and build subscribers, so here are just three ways you can share in your blog that we’ll cover. 
  1. One is sharing on social media. This decision easy when it’s all go through show you exactly how I post on my social media pages and grow my blog through that medium.
  2. You can also guest post and contribute to publications, so I’ll show you exactly how I’ve pitched myself. And my articles to significant publications like Huffington Post.
  3. Finally, building an email is such an easy win, and I’ll show you how to make a system for generating new subscribers.
I assume that you already read the ultimate road map tutorial for blogging and content writing 2020 before you proceed with this below tutorial. It provides clarity on which step you need to follow first.

It’s okay to you proceed with this tutorial only. Let’s take Recap of What you learn in the previous tutorial:

Grow your audience by sharing your blog on Social Media

sharing your blog on Social Media

For most, the first let’s learn about how to share on social media so some of the ways you can do this and I’ll go through this is you can share in your profiles so your own Facebook page and Twitter profile you can also create a Facebook fan page and share from it.

How to share on social media for Subscriber

Share on social media requires a little more commitment but is usually worth it to do this. You can also share a medium. So even though you may have posted on your own your email your blog, there’s no reason you shouldn’t repost it on medium and then ask your friends and family to share this easy decision thing to do.

  • Share your content on your feed and profile.
  • Create a brand page on facebook and share from it.
  • Share on medium
  • Ask your friend and family to share

And there’s no shame in it, especially as you get started to request that your friends and family share your blog posts.
I generally share my blog posts on social media, so once I post a new blog, The first thing I do is to share my personal Facebook page.
The way I do this as I share the URL and then I’ll take a little snippet that I think is interesting.
It kind of shares the heart of the blog post and then a bit of separator and then type in all caps new post. For a new blog post, and it just gives them a little bit of information about what the box is 
Now what I do is I repeat this on my Facebook fan page. 

So same thing same snippet same all cats new post and repost it to my Facebook fan page do the same thing on Twitter snippet all caps new position, and I’ll put it.

a great way to organically without paying any money.

Grow your blog audience because what happens is as you share in these different areas people in these areas who follow you or maybe re-share or posted or retweeted, and that will help organically grow your audience.

Build Your Subscriber for the blog by Contributing & Guest Posting

You want to grow blog then read the below article. It is to contribute to a place like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and guest posting. Bloggers blog participating and guest posting is a great way to quickly increase your audience size and cast a wider net for your blog regardless of whether it’s contributing or guest posting.

How to Grow your audience by Contributing & Guest Posting

It generally follows the same process, and I’m actually going to share the exact process I use to pitch myself and my blog the Huffington Post issue the actual email I sent.
  • The first step is researching your favorite publications or blogs.
  • The next step is significant is to find the best email address to submit.
  • The third step involved to find a way to make it personal
  • Finally, Pitch your article regularly.
So you need to think about where would you even want to contribute or guest post s a first. Do some research there and narrow it down to a handful who would like to pitch yourself to Sometimes publications or bloggers have a particular email address to send 
Sometimes they don’t put it out there publicly. The beautiful thing is when you pinch yourself find a way to make it personal from your perspective and to them.
How can you encourage them?

How can you provide value even in pitching your blog?
The next thing is picture articles regularly. Don’t give up the first time you get to know or the first time you don’t hear back.
I page myself multiple times before I ever heard from someone who wanted to post my blog on their publication. It all started with a straightforward email to the editor.
They’re going to be thinking what’s in it for us and what’s in it for them, in this case, was ever wrote an article that I think would speak to their audience. 
 I recommend you follow this method, and you would end with a close that thanks them for their time and consideration. Find a way to make it personal to whoever you’re pitching yourself.

 How to Grow Your Blog by Building an Email List

 I like to share the final way I recommend growing your audience, and that is by building an email list. You should be a staple for any blogger.

Building an Email List for Reliable Audience

  • pick an email service provider. 
  • Create an opt-in form. 
  • Build a lead magnet. 
  • Create a pop-up lead form.
Once you’ve built an email list, you have a loyal audience who wants to hear from you. So there are a few steps in this, and I’m sure each one with you and then recommends the next level so first.

Pick up an email service provider.

There’s a lot out there, and I recommend the one I use, but pick one that works for your budget. Pick one that works for your sizable audience and then start using it.

Create an opt-in form.

I will guide you on what this looks like, but this is just a way to invite people to subscribe to your blog. Ou This is a form that you will put on your blog that has an email field, and I recommend a first name tool to personalize it.
It just tells them that they can give you their email address, and in return, you’ll start sending them your blog post regularly. So it’s super simple.

Build a lead magnet.

I highly recommend building a lead magnet, something that’s either printable or downloadable that allows them to connect to you and your message more profoundly.
So once someone subscribes, I instantly send them free access to this printable is a daily decoration that allows them to get their mind in the right place.
It’s also valuable to me because it communicates the essence of what I want my blog direction.

Create a pop-up lead forum.

No one generally likes pop-ups, but there is an exception I believe when you’re doing a pop up on your blog. 
It’s inviting them to sign up for something that they’re most likely interested in because they visited your blog. People visited that intentionally, and so you’re asking them to a relationship with you by getting their email address and committing to send to them.
And so, in this case, I recommend creating a pop up so first email service provider. The one I use is MailChimp highly recommend.

It’s a free service up to a certain amount of sands, and it’s just excellent service. The use is very user-friendly, so I highly recommend going to mail chips and setting up an email service with them.

Okay, you have finished the Whole part of pick up Grow your Audience and Build Subscribers before you close this post you need to recap of this tutorial:

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