Hello, This is Deepak Kumar and the owner of CyberExcuse.in. You are here because you see something very similar “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”  on your screen and you’re trying to figure out. 

How to Fix WordPress Plugin Installation Failed

In other words, you tried to install and plug-in on your WordPress
website and you got a message that’s similar to this the package could not be installed no valid plug-ins were found.
It’s happening a lot of times after you download a new plug-in from theme forest or code Canyon or one of these premia plug-in places and so I wanted to kind of do a real quick solution in this article to fix WordPress Plugin Installation Failed.
the most likely reason is now there’s another reason you could have a file that didn’t get all the way downloaded and it could be corrupted but the most likely thing is is that the file you were trying to upload actually wasn’t just the plug-in but it had documentation or licensing information. 

Fix it- The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin installation failed.

You can go back to the data that you were trying to upload open it up and see if that’s the case and most times it is so here you have to license and documentation but the only information I want WordPress to see is this data for the in my case it’s awesome team pro so it’ll be different depending on your plug-in that you’re looking for in WordPress.
you’ll find so what we need to do here is to extract that folder to some kind of you know the place on our computer and I’ve already done that I’ve already obtained it to my desktop here. 
So,  I’m going to go to that folder or I’m just going to the area where this folder is then right-clicked on it.

Next, You to create a new archive now you may not have the ability to do this with WinRAR but which is what I use but you’ll need some ability to create a zip file basically to do this through WordPress. 
 If you wanted to this is getting a little bit more weeds but you could take this folder and you could go to an FTP application login to your website via FTP go to the plug-ins directory and drag and drop this folder.
But in this case, let’s say that you just want to do this within WordPress then you’re going to have to right-click and create an archive.
You can do it by using my favorite software to do that when WinRAR so You have to make it zip and you’re going to make it a zip application, I’m going to go ahead and hit okay it’s gonna quickly create this zip file.
You go back to my plug-in installer then going to click upload plug-in, next step to go to the area where I created that new zip file which is right here and now I’m going to click install and see if that fixes everything and you can notice it did so I hope this tutorial helped
Thank you for reading my solution. If you have any queries and doubt regarding this then feel free to comment below.