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How to Be Persistent & Consistent with your Writing and Blogging?

Persistent & Consistent with your Writing and Blogging
And now we’re going to go into the next section mom marker number three, and we’re going to talk about getting persistent and consistent in this article.
We’re going to talk about: 
  1. Making a writing schedule so that you can be consistent with your writing and blogging.
  2. Making a publishing schedule so that not only do you write consistently, but you share your work always with the world.
  3. Keeping Yourself Accountable. I’m going to show you how to pitch yourself how to keep yourself accountable 

Making a Writing Schedule for Blogging.

We’re going to talk about making a writing and publishing schedule. There are three steps for creating a writing and blogging schedule.
  • The First Step is to pick a writing tool to pick a word processing tool that you feel comfortable. It is everything that you needed to do, such as word counting or tracking edits. There’s a lot of tools out there.
  • The Second thing is picking writing and publishing an actual schedule. So looking at your calendar looking at your engagements the season of life you’re in what you’re truly capable of in choosing a regular writing and publishing schedule.
  • The Third Step is all about blocking out that time to write and revise your work so that you can put out excellent quality blogs, so let’s go into this.

Picking the right writing tool

Let me explain to you a few things that I’ve learned along the way, so step one involves Picking the right writing tool. There’s a lot of options out there. But let me share my top three favorite tools.
  1. The bear app is only available for ios and Mac, but it’s a tremendous minimalistic writing tool that uses cloud services to maintain all of your writing and your documents. It’s a great word processing tool. It removes all the clutter so that you can focus on writing and what I used to do all my blogging.
  2. The Evernote app is also a great option. It’s something I’ve used for years. It’s available for Mac. It’s possible for Windows. It has online access that you can use.
  3. Google Docs online only. It’s in the cloud, and it’s a great option. You can track edit. You can do a word count. You can make comments, so if you’re collaborating with other writers, this is a great tool to use.

I am picking a writing and publishing schedule.

I’ll tell you the most common blogging schedule is either weekly or a few times per month. So with its two times a month three times a month. That’s generally the most current schedule.
Now some people blog every day. Some people only blog at special events, but my recommendation is to choose either once a week or a couple of times to three times a month.
And I think consistency is the most critical factor. If you’re only able to blog one time a month but blog every month, that would be better than blogging four or five times in one month.
And then none the next month people crave consistency with people that they follow online. They want to establish a relationship with you in relation to their writing.
They can become a kind of dependent on your words for whatever sector you’re in for whatever category you’re in, and you want to build the trust of that audience.
So any time that you’re writing inconsistently and sharing it consistently, it’s going to break off that trust that you’ve built with that audience.

Blocking out that time to Write and Revise your Work.

Once you’ve established OK, I’m going to write and publish one time a week, or I’m going to write and publish one time a month or three times a month whatever it is you need to block out your time to write it.
So there is a difference between writing and editing and revising your work and publishing your work. Generally, writing editing changing your work it takes the longest.
You have a WordPress blog, or if you use Blogspot or medium dot com whatever is usually pretty easy to publish it.
Now what you need to focus on is blocking out your writing time and experience there’s three types of writers when it comes to online journalism.

Grazing writer

Someone who tends to click that is slowly and steadily craft post. Someone who is always quoting that is kind of at a slower rate but doing it regularly and continuously crafting posts out of those ideas they inspire consistently, and they’re probably publishing on their blog a couple of times a month.

The balanced writer 

Someone who’s steady clicks ideas, so they’re always thinking about what can I blog about next. And they’re frequently cracking posts — usually someone who’s blogging and publishing a blog post at least one time a week.

Binge writers 

Someone who does this. You know every single month they binge writer. They click click click that is, and they rapidly churn out new blog posts that last an entire month. But then what tends to happen in this kind of personality is they’ll do that one month, and then they’ll quit the next month, and that’s where you sort of getting into the inconsistency.
I do recommend being either a grazing writer or a balance drafter. I fluctuate between these two. I would say I probably lean more towards the balanced writer, but I challenge you to figure out

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