We are going to talk about how to live up your writing when it comes to blog writing. When the most important principles are that before you can do, you must know what I mean by this is before you can write it on-topic

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Well,  you must know that topic oil is one of the most important things about being a great blogger some of the principles that I want to encourage you to keep in mind are.
These are the most important principles when it comes to blog writing.
  • Be clear, be concise be conversational
  • You can use perfect grammar.
  • You can have a great structure, but unless you’re clear unless 
  • You’re concise unless you’re conversational.

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You noise in the blogging world. If you aren’t cleary, our message is resonating. If you want your message to deliver to your audience, you have to make it crystal clear to your audience.
Drifting in your mind is floating up there in space. You’re trying to create a clear picture so that you can see what you see. Now, this is easier said than done, especially when you try to put it into written words and use it out there for the world to see illustrated. 
You This I’d look at it like a balloon we think or handing our audience a balloon or talking about a topic we think about it, and it’s so easy to wrap your mind around.
It feels weightless, but frequently or doing is when we think we’re handing them balloon we’re handing them heavy bowling ball feels like a balloon to us that we’re speaking over their head. We’re making it too complicated that’s what’s so vital that as clear as possible.

Blogging needs Multiple Drafts

You might be surprised, but even blogging needs multiple drafts. You have to be precise. You have to be concise for your voice to listen.
We give you a practical sample of what it looks like to make something more concise. You could write this. I was utterly unbelievably confused by the sheer complexity of the instructions I was given to perform the task.
There’s nothing inherently wrong about this sentence, but it could be more concise. Let me show you what I mean. You don’t need every word here. You could remove unbelievably you could remove shear sure you could perform the, and it would still be a correct sentence.
You could rewrite that sentence to be much more concise for saying I was somewhat confused by the instructions. 

It’s simple, straightforward. It’s easy to read.

Your readers a favor when you take the time to say something that’s a long and drawn out and making it more concise. So again, on a pause, for you to take action on this. I want you to look at a recent blog post and perform a workout highlight it and figure out how many words that are in it.

Blogging World Leaked- Blog Writing Technique

You can find free tools google word counter, and you can copy and paste a blog post into there. Count how many words there are, and I want you to challenge yourself to cut the total word count by at
least 10 percent.
Require to make cymbal edits and cuts, but it’s worth it. For example, if your blog post is 500 words, this means you’re going to need to cut it to about 450 words. And I want you to try to accomplish this in 30 minutes or less.
Now, this won’t be easy. You may not be used to it, but if you want to become a great blogger, this is one of the essential steps in the blogging roadmap.

Leveling up your writing is being conversational.

I know in traditional education, you’re taught to make your communication perfect, but we speak imperfectly. We have conversations imperfectly because we’re human.
That’s what makes it authentic. Blogging should be an intimate conversation, not a research paper. So, write it that way. Next thing doesn’t be afraid to break some rules.
First, know the rules before you can break it. But contractions using some slang here and they’re using short sentences.
Make your writing more conversational here’s an example where it says I’m not sure what is next, but I am ready for it. You can make this way more conversational but is adding some contractions instead of saying what it was before you can say I’m not sure what’s next.

  • How different does that sound?

  • How much more conversational does that sound.

Now, this may take some time to make sure you’re diligent about this.
You read it out loud, and if it does sound strange. Think about how would you say it in a conversation to a friend and then write from that authentic place. And I guarantee you you’ll start connecting to your audience in a better

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