In this tutorial of this article, I want to teach you how to build a community of loyal readers for your blog. Finding your community before you can put a community of readers, you need to immerse yourself in similar existing communities.

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How to Build a Community of targeted readers

So what I mean by this is before you can build a trap, you need to find your trap. You need to mix with the community that provides the targeted audience. It is not just about fit. You need to provide some good value for them.
If you were wanting people to connect to you in what you’re communicating first, you need to be willing to connect to them.
So some ways to do that is to Define your community online.
There’s a multitude of options out there. Still, some of the best options, especially for bloggers, are things like Facebook groups Instagram Twitter and core.
So I’ll go into a few these as an example and give you actual things that I’ve done personally to fund my community online. As a blogger as a communicator, so here’s something that I did on the core.
So, someone on Quora asked this question:
  • Which is the best method to collect material for a blog post?
  • What this Web site does is allows people to post questions and tag them. 
  • Allows anyone to answer them when you answer them.

You can put your profile information. You can put links to what you do, and so as a blogger as an expert in this field, I answer this question to provide value to them.
Now in return, they might go check out my blog and then check out my website. You may want to connect to me because of the value of providing them, but I’m leading with giving. So I answer this question and say that’s a great question and set out to create a system involving both a notebook and a new note-taking system.
And I went into a few things that I do get efficient about it and then at the very end I linked to one of my courses that’s free. I thought you know they may get much value out of this because it’s the free course. I’m giving them, and I’m also giving them some advice.
So this is just one way that you can provide value. As you can see, this is right after I posted it had seventy-five views, so seventy-five people had viewed the value that I was giving them, and perhaps they went into my course.
Who knows. And then later the may have to take my pay. Horses, you never know what is on the other end of your giving.

Grow Subscribers FAST! – Community Online

Here’s an example of a Facebook group that I’m in called the copywriter club, and so a while back, I joined the group. Still, before I started pushing any of my content or asking people to do anything for me, I want to provide value.
I purchase a Facebook group and just made a question to learn more about them. I want to learn about their stories learned about how they were someone mean different to me to ask about their background their educational background. When I did, The Post exploded at 50, not comments had many likes and love, and it just really helped establish my place in this community.
But it wasn’t from places taking is again a place from giving. So when it comes to investing the community here, a few quick tips.
One is a comment on what other people are sharing. People want to connect, and so they’re sharing something read what they’re sharing. Comment on it interacts with them.
The next thing is to share other people’s work before you can expect people to share your work. You need to be willing to share their work fun work that you enjoy art that you enjoy and then don’t be afraid to share.
Sharing is caring. Next is contribute to the conversation as people are talking about certain things or asking questions just like I contributed to the conversation and offer some tips.
Don’t be afraid to do that.
Next, connect with like-minded creators, so say you join a Facebook group and find someone who blogs on a similar topic.
Well, there’s no reason you couldn’t shoot them a private message and asked to jump on a video call them some time and discuss your work.
Or you could just read a few of their blog posts and then email them some encouragement about it. Ultimately this is all about adding value to others.

That’s what investing in the community is all about. So before you try to take from it before you try to get a community to surround you, insert yourself into the community but do it in a way that adds value to others.

So I want to pause right here, and I want you to take action on this. It is essential. If you want to grow your audience, which is what the next section is all about, you need to take action right here right now.
I want you to choose one of the online communities below and provide value,  
where there is a Facebook group or the Web site I mention or even something as simple as Instagram or Twitter.
To interact with the community, get the quick tips shared, go, and provide value give before you can ever expect to take anything. That’s what this is all about.
I hope this encourages you, and you’re already involved in the community. Just take this time to invest more. There’s never a bad thing to be investing more in your tribe.
Be investing more in your community.

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