Your niche is your little corner of the Internet is how you stand out in a crowd. It’s your unique style in your specific area of influence and authority to give you a few examples: Let’s talk about some people who have carved out a niche online.
  • One is ‘Pro blogger’ is not just about setting up a blog. It’s about becoming a pro blogger. If you go there, then you find one of the things that’s highlighted to make money blogging. These people are not who want to be a time-pass blogger. This is for people who wish to become a pro blogger. His niche is people who want to take their blogging to the next level. 
  • Now the second one is Neil Patel. Patel isn’t just an online marketer. He is an influencer and helping people build a passive income online. So it’s not for a freelancer so much as not for just any kind of marketing is specifically for an audience who want to generate passive income online. That’s his niche, and he’s doing well with it. 

Before you follow this article, a few things we’ll cover specifically about how to pick your niche. Well, one particular niche you need to know your passion and about using what do you genuinely care about what you want to share with others.

I assume that you already read the ultimate road map tutorial for blogging and content writing 2020 before you proceed with this below tutorial. It provides clarity on which step you need to follow first.


Another thing for picking your niche is knowing what’s your expertise. What’s your experience. The next thing is knowing your goal. You don’t just march forward aimlessly. You want to walk toward a specific purpose and destination, and then finally, you need to pick out a niche you need to choose something and march towards that area and carve it out for your own.

Where do you begin to pick your niche for blogging?

Well, where I recommend beginning is looking at your passion and your values when it comes to blogging. Your love is essential. Read below to know you what I mean, blogging with passion is a necessity.

Why blogging with passion matter so much?

Passion & Values1
Over the three years, there’s one thing I know for sure about blogging; that’s that it requires a lot of energy and investment. So if you know that blogging is going to require massive, massive energy, one thing you may do to set yourself up for success is to blog about something you have passion.
Passion & Values2
When you write and communicate about something you’re passionate about, it comes more naturally. And it generates more energy when you do it. If you love doing it, it’s not going to feel like work.

How do you pinpoint your passion?

Passion & Values3
Well, you can pinpoint your passion. I am telling you how you spend your time and your money. So look at where you’re spending your time where you’re spending your money and that I’ll probably tell you what you’re passionate about and if you’re going to write about it and blog about it. 

Why Your Expertise & Goal matter?

What you look at when it comes to choosing your niche. I will also recommend you to look at your expertise and experience. Your expertise and experience matters because it adds a layer of authenticity and originality into everything you do. 

Your Expertise & Experience

When your blog is coming from a place of actual background and experience, people can fill that so one. Way to think about this is what do you know and what have you done. Start looking at these areas:
  • Look at what you’ve been researching. 
  • Look at what you’ve been diving in to
  • Look at what you’ve done in the past. 
  • What do you accomplish?
  • Where can you draw from? 

That way, you can share from those places and serve your audience from the valuable knowledge and experience.

 Your Goal & Destination

What do you hope to accomplish and achieve are arriving in communicating consistently. So choosing a goal matters because with the added goal, you can’t set a clear vision, and without a clear vision, you’ll lose yourself along the way.

One, you can achieve the wrong goal if you don’t set a clear purpose and then have the intention of achieving it. You may end up making a different goal entirely, and it may not be one that you wanted to

accomplish in the first place.

You take your values, your expertise, your experience, your passion, and ask the question. 
  • How can I use this to serve others?

  • Ask yourself What change do I want to create in this world.
  • How can you take everything that we’ve been talking about and drive toward and meaningful, purposeful place? 

That’s the whole idea here. So I want to leave you with I want to ask you what’s your goal and destination with your blog.

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