Your high traffic niche. All about making your blog discoverable. It doesn’t matter if you have a great idea. If no one can find it for an audience to discover your blog, you need to get meaningfully specific., and This is the journey that I’ve been on and been learning about a niche. And so it comes from a very authentic place.
Before you follow this article, a few things we’ll cover specifically about how to pick your niche. Well, one particular niche you need to know your passion and about using what do you genuinely care about what you want to share with others.

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Choosing Your High-Traffic Niche

It’s not just about general faith. It’s about the journey that God’s been taking me on. It’s about my values the things I’m passionate about blogging. And that’s why I love sharing about it, and I’m still sharing about it five years later.
So how do you manage down well my tips here are to start exploring and researching the categories that interest you the most. And then drill down. Don’t start drilling down until you found to find a group that interests you.

Your’s passionate about a topic. What do you value? What do you care a lot about?

So a practical example here of niching down you to start big and branch out to a specific area that aligns with your passion, your experience, and your goal. So finances it’s a vast category if you went to niche down one way you could do it.
There are so many things you can talk about that would speak to the specific audience. So what’s your niche.
  • We’ve talked about what you value.
  • We’ve talked about your passion.
  • We’ve talked about what interest you need to think about your experience your expertise. 

Put all that together and start looking at what your niche should be.

Your Tagline and Blogging Billboard

All about creating your tagline. So what’s the slogan. Well, it’s a recognizable calling card and catchphrase. You should create for the community of readers you would like to attract.
You can treat this as a billboard for whatever your cause is. Whatever change you’re trying to communicate and lead, this is what you should build a tagline around start thinking about what you’ve niched.

Before you write your tagline, you need to have your niche in mind. So let take the example of creating a tagline for young college students who just graduated and have some student loan debt. That’s the thinking we would start using to get to a motto.

And so my tagline is decoding your soul live a life that matters so I can use your soul. Now I can also apply to live a life that matters, but I’ve put them together. You communicate the change that I’m trying to create for people trying to help them connect to God and live a purposeful life from that place.
So what’s your tagline shared language start thinking through where you finish down to and what kind of language calling card billboard can you create for your blog and your Web site.


We learn many things before you read further articles. Well, we’ve covered a lot of ground in the ultimate blogging road map. We’ve made it all the way through picking your niche.
  • I would think just a moment to review how to pick your niche.
  • So in this section, we went over discovering your passion and values.
  • We’ve talked about your expertise and experience.
  • We discussed the importance of setting a goal and destination.
  • We’ve hit on your high traffic niche, and we’ve even discussed creating your own tagline.
So that’s what I want you to think through. What are your passion and values? Take a moment and write them down. Think about your expertise and experience. Write that down as well. Now, what’s your goal. What’s your destination with all this. You have your passion; you have your values. You’ve got your experience and background.
But where do you want to head next? What destination you’re going to put in front of yourself. So when things get tough, you know where you’re headed your niche your high traffic niche you take everything before you your passion values expertise and experience your goal and destination.
And this should get you to a category you can niche down and start writing in. And then finally, once you’ve discovered your niche, what tagline can set you apart. What tagline can you create that builds a shared language that your audience can attach to and then follow from that point forward.

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