Today we’re going to learn how to transfer your domain name to your Google Cloud Platform account. Now, this is an especially useful tutorial for you before finalize the deploying your WordPress website on Google Cloud Platform.

Point Domain Names to Google Cloud

What did you need?

To register a Domain Name: 

If you were still not using any domain name then, first go to the domain name provider site and search your name. Add this in your card for further checkout.
Once you have a domain name and you already are done with deployment of WP Engine on Cloud hosting. okay then you are ready for this tutorial

How to Transfer Domain Names to Google Cloud Hosting?

There are 5 steps in this tutorial:

  1. Enable the Cloud DNS API in API Manager
  2. Create a Cloud DNS Zone in Networking
  3. Add DNS Records in Zone Detail
  4. Configure NS Records on the domain name provider website
  5. Edit WordPress URL in wp.config and WP setting

So the first step in this tutorial is to go to the Google Cloud Platform. In the upper right-hand corner here – click the console tab

1- Enable the Cloud DNS API in API Manager

Cloud DNS API in API Manager

Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, and you need to head over to the API Manager > Dashboard.
enable the DNS API

Here you’re going to enable the DNS API. So right next to the dashboard above on-screen – click “enable API.”
Google Cloud DNS API

Search for ‘cloud DNS’ in the search field and click on ‘Google Cloud DNS API’ to enable it.

2- Create a Cloud DNS Zone in Networking

Create a Cloud DNS Zone

You already have it enabled cloud DNS API. Once you have that completed, head down to “Networking.” and to “Cloud DNS”

Cloud DNS

Now we’re going to create a new zone. In my case, the domain I am going to point to my Google Cloud Website is ‘

create a new zone

Enter the name of your website in the ‘zone name field’ is going to be like FreeNaukriAlert. your “DNS name field” with website root DNS name like ‘’ Click on the ‘Create’ button.

3- Add DNS Records in Zone Detail

Add DNS Records

All right – so we’re going to add a new record set link appear in the next step.

Add DNS Records A

we’re going to set an “Add DNS Records.” Select A in the ‘Resource Type Field.’ And we need the IPv4 address. Now the way to find IPv4, go through the next step or image.

VM Instances.

Just open up another Google Cloud Platform tab to click on the hamburger menu above the left-side and navigate for Compute Engine > VM Instances. Here is our external IP Address, Copy this.

CNAME record

Add another record as a CNAME record. Enter ‘www’ in CName Field, Select CNAME in “Resource Record Type field” and finally your domain name in the “Canonical name field”.

4- Configure NS Records on the domain name provider site

Now our next step is to point domain from our Domain Name Provider to change our nameservers. I use GoDaddy, but you can use whomever you want, the procedure is similar.

4 NS records

Copy all 4 NS records that already generated automatically during the setup of “A” and “CNAME” records.

domain name provider

Now Go to your domain name provider site for login.

DNS management

Search for manage option to click and open domain manger for DNS management.


In the NAMESERVERS section of the domain DNS management page, Enter the four Google NS records in the custom field.

So there you go – it’s all set!

Now, this change usually takes around 24 to 48 hours to change So be patient, and I hope this tutorial helped you.

5- Edit WordPress URL in wp.config and WP admin setting

In this tutorial section, you learn how to edit wp.config file using SSH terminal and Some WP admin settings for URL. I am providing you instructions for configuring both ‘Bitnami’  and ‘Click-to-deploy’ Version of WordPress on Google Cloud. 
Click This Link >  Edit WordPress URL

If you have any questions, leave a comment in the box below or feel free to send me an email